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Thanks for a great recipe! I made this, and it turned out like cardboard. Will try different yeast and different recipe. I loooooovvvve pizza so it was critical to find a great GF option, which this is!

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My question is about substitution. I have everything else. I do have some Pillsbury GF multi-purpose flour. Can I just substitute it for the brown rice flour? Try King Arthur measure for measure. And it tastes great? I have made this plenty of times. It is my go to recipie.

I can put this together in less than 10mins in my kitchen aid. I usually add physillum husk to it. The dough is soft pliable and easily rolls out with a nonstick rolling pin. No dusting of flour needed.

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Thank you for an excellent recipie. I have a son who is severely food restricted and we get so many great recipes from you so thank you!!! Without your recipes we would be tasteless and bored over here! So I am trying to make my first gluten free pizza crust and my son cannot have the xanthan gum that is mentioned in making your own flour blend. Can I forgo this ingredient and still get a delicious crust for him? I made this for supper this weekend.

It was the worst tasting crust I have ever made. In fact the commercial crusts ,which I deplore are better. Back to King Arthur. I made this tonight or the first time. The dough was easy to spread to a quarter inch thick on silicone baking sheets. After reading some comments I only pre baked the crust for 5 minutes. The first pizza I baked for 25 minutes and the crust was hard, the second I baked for 18 minutes and was tender and delicious, a bit under but really good, 20 minutes would be perfect for what I made.

I will be making this again and all my kids loved it.

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Something went really wrong with my recipe, does it matter if the yeast is expired or was I supposed to let the dough rest after it was mixed? After I followed the recipe very closely it was just a pile of powdery crumbs, even more powdery than a shortbread dough. Secondly, if your yeast is expired then that would affect the rising of the crust.

I am not sure why your dough ended up so dry, but it sounds like there may have been some changes to the recipe? Did you happen to use a different flour? I used Namaste all-purpose GF flour mix, so not exactly the same but similar. I guess it is either that or the yeast issue.

This was perfect- I am constantly trying to find gluten free recipes that taste as good as the glutinous stuff and this is my go-to pizza crust.

I even used it for build your own pizzas at a party. I followed All the measurements in the recipe and this crust came out perfect!!! Thank you!! Getting the consistency of the dough just right is important. I also like to add some extra olive oil to the crust so it molds better and gets a bit more crispy. To keep the dough from sticking to my hands while pressing it I rub olive oil on my hands Thank you for a great recipe that tastes just as good as a leftover!

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This is actually my go-to recipe when I need to provide a vegan alternative at a pizza party. I have made this recipe multiple times and it always comes out very well and my students rave about it! I actually use the Pillsbury pre Blended flower which has all of the flowers suggested the recipe already blended together.

The one thing that I would caution folks about if you are planning on keeping the recipe completely vegan is to check your non-stick spray as I have noticed that these often contain dairy products. Just to be safe I usually oil my pan with just a little olive oil and always comes out perfect!

This really was a fantastic gluten-free crust! I made it for a small group of friends, only one who was celiac, but everyone enjoyed it. A couple of us even thought it was better than a wheat crust. Try to press it as thin as you can. This makes it taste like a traditional thin crust pizza. I also baked it on parchment paper to avoid over-browning.

Super pleased about the result, it was my first time cooking something like this. I just made pizza with this crust recipe and I think I must have done something wrong, because the crust is almost like rock. I was really shocked it had to be in the oven for minutes before putting the ingredients, but I did since it was written in the recipe. It came waaaaay to hard. I should have put it for maybe 10 minutes or even less.

For the rest I did almost exactly what was written in the recipe I used a flour blend made of rice, tapioca, potato and xanthan gum. Do you think the problem was the blend or that it was in the oven for a very long time? Maybe it is because I did the crust very very thin? Thank you for sharing the recipe! I will try next time and I want to know what was my problem :. We prefer pre-baking for that long otherwise the center can remain a little doughy when toppings are added.

Also, I would recommend using the gluten-free flours listed for best results! I made this recipe once without the correct flours- I used Cassava, Tapioca and a Gluten Free four blend and the crust was semi-hard but still edible. We loved it. I made it today with the white rice, brown rice and Tapioca flours and followed the rest of the directions except that I use date sugar and the crust was perfect- it was not hard.

Letting the yeast activate is the key and I allowed it go a bit longer than 5 minutes. My son who is Celiac loved the pizza crust and told me we do not need to go to our favorite Vegan restaurant here in Austin as often for Pizza. Thank you for this recipe and I agree that the flour blend makes a huge difference. I made this crust for dinner tonight and it was by far the best pizza I have ever had, glutenous or other wise!! I have been struggling with my Celiac Disease lately because most gf breads are gummy and grainy.

This pizza was delicious and I had to remind myself it was gf lol.

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We have been making traditional pizza dough weekly for years and am so happy to have found this! One thing I noticed is it reheats much better than traditional dough the next day! Thanks for this! This recipe is amazing!

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The crust was to die for, and it felt soooo good to eat a yummy pizza! Loved the story about the friends making it together, too.