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There's an action prologue that shows precisely what this occult detective, Johnathon Jono Swyft can do and what he's like. This leads into and connects with the main plot of the child abductions. The Herald in this case is not a Femme Fatale with some mystery but a kid looking for his brother. Points for originality and all that. There's this progression of events and investigation that leads to the unraveling of the mystery.

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It makes sense all the way and leads up to this kick ass final battle with a foe much cooler and tougher than a demonically possessed hobo. It's also well foreshadowed. I also like the world building. It's interesting stuff; a mix of classical and original ideas about monsters, where they come from and how they interact with humans and the world. It's also skillfully woven into the story.

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For instance, Korrigan are vulnerable to Cold Iron a classic trope but there's no paragraph explaining this. You see it in action. The rule of thumb is Show Don't Tell. The only time there's "telling" is when Jono explains something to his daughter, who is on the verge of joining daddy in the field.

The Seville Communion: A Novel

There are two things about this novel that I find to be weaknesses: 1. Agent Stone shows up everywhere Jono goes. It gives the impression that she's stalking him or it's some string of coincidences. Given the lack of real villains for most of the book, it feels like she's plopped into the scenes to provide cheap conflict. There are lots of prolonged tangents into backstories.

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One time there was a whole chapter that was a flashback to a completely unrelated incident. It was basically filler. The Wendigo stuff involved with the story could have been delivered in a less bloated fashion. I like the ending. It's climatic, it resolves the initial conflict the job offer but the larger part is still ongoing and there's an interesting turn in Jono's personal angst. There's no getting around that. He fires off more F-bombs than bullets. He doesn't care about the pain of others, including or especially his clients, and as his partner Ape said he often makes them feel worse.

He antagonizes an FBI agent that would love any excuse to put him behind bars. I'd like to see someone kick his teeth in if he hadn't suffered enough already. Underneath all that crud and cynicism is a heroic heart, so he's what Tvtropes calls a Knight in Sour Armor. Despite all his talk about how he doesn't give a damn and makes a joke about everything, he's still in the monster hunting business, he raised Nadia so well she's more mature then he is, and he shows respect for his siren girlfriend.

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He looks like a gorilla because he's big and hairy but is much more civilized than Jono. Nadia is the daughter of Jono's late mentor, Huxley. She's a nice girl following in both of her father's footsteps. She's intelligent and gets along with everyone. She also has an interesting power based on controlling the inertia of objects. There's a slew of law enforcement agents, from local detectives and cops to the FBI. One in particular is Agent Stone. Somehow she frequently turns up where-ever Jono is doing monster busting and yet she always misses the monster itself. She is just as much as hardass as Jono himself but lacks the same sympathetic POV.

Father Finnegan is an interesting character. I wish I'd seen more of him. He's an excellent foil for Jono and here's why. He's a current and devout priest in contrast to the former and disillusioned priest, and his skill with a gun is referred to as "Wild West Gunfighter" in contrast to Jono's walking armory of More Daka.

Watching them interact was fun. There's not much to say about the villain. He doesn't show up for a while and conflict is instead provided by discovering the threads of his organization and between the various anti-heroes fighting and getting in each other's way. The end result is that he's flat, generic and, to quote Jono himself "pathetic".

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No one prior to Moses Abraham or Adam ever heard of the Sabbath law much less kept it. The very first time that anyone was commanded to keep the Sabbath was in Exodus The word "Sabbath" is not even found in the book of Genesis. The first historical record of methodical Sabbath Keeping by Christians who stopped worshipping on the first day of the week, was two active Anabaptist leaders, Andreas Fisher and Oswald Glait, became the pioneer and promoters of the Sabbath in AD.

Both were former priests who had sacrificed the priesthood to become first Lutherans, and then Anabaptists. Glait and Fischer, who had been taught the false doctrine of the Catholic and Lutheran churches, that Sunday is the Sabbath, were astonished to read in the Bible that the Sabbath was indeed the 7th day! When they began to teach this, theologians were sent to persuade them to abandon what they called the "Jewish Sabbath.

Sabbatarians owe a debt of gratitude to these Sabbath pioneers whose work later influenced the origin of the Seventh-day Baptist church. The latter Joseph Bates has been instrumental in helping the early Adventists and other Christians to rediscover the Sabbath. Historically, it was in the first Seventh-day Adventists known then as Millerites started keeping the Sabbath, introduced to them by a Seventh-day Baptist named Joseph Bates, who convinced their Methodist minister that the Bible teaches us to keep the Sabbath.

But Seventh-day Adventists are convinced that God chose Ellen White and the modern Seventh-day Adventist movement as the medium through which to reveal and confirm this "truth" through direct inspiration and revelation. Although Adventists believe that a tiny unknown remnant has always kept the Sabbath day, like the Seventh-day Baptist preacher mentioned above only in the 19th century did God, through the Seventh-day Adventist church, restore in any measurable way, by direct revelation, the truth that the day Christians worship was Saturday.

See the extensive historical quotes below. While Sabbatarians will quote 20th century authors who guess about what happened years earlier, we quote Christians whose writings are years old! The practice of Christians gathering together for worship on Sunday dates back to apostolic times, but details of the actual development of the custom are not clear.

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Saint Justin Martyr c. The emperor Constantine d. This law, aimed at providing time for worship, was followed later in the same century and in subsequent centuries by further restrictions on Sunday activities. Civil laws requiring the observance of Sunday date back at least to Emperor Constantine the Great, who designated Sunday as a legal day of rest and worship in This law, however was not specifically Christian, since Sunday was the day of the sun-god for pagans as well as the Lord's day for Christians.

Vin uses this to her advantage, attacking Zane with TenSoon's body and retrieving the bead of atium, although the latter turns out to be a fake, a lead ball with a thin coat of atium. Cornered, with no means of escape, Vin is forced to fight Zane, and uses his own foresight granted by atium to predict what he will do and allowing her to react, causing her atium shadow to split.

The Dark Communion (The Midnight Defenders, #1) by Joey Ruff (3 star ratings)

Vin stabs him in the neck, killing him. Vin goes to find Elend in her wounded condition, and while Sazed tends to her wounds, she marries Elend. Sazed takes the opportunity to convince the couple to flee the city in search of the Well of Ascension, in an attempt to save them, along with Spook.

Some time after their departure, the koloss army attacks Luthadel. Vin realises that the Well is located under Kredik Shaw, and returns to find the Battle of Luthadel under way. She utilises a duralumin -enhanced steel jump to kill Straff Venture via bisection with a koloss blade , and stops the koloss assault on the city by controlling them through emotional Allomancy.