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As well as hospital staff and people who have visited the hospital, members of the Orange Australasian Cultural Group also donated for the Red Love in Orange Campaign this year.

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Anyone who still wants to take part in the campaign can visit the Orange Donor Centre in Kite Street and ask to be put in the Red Love in Orange Group when they make their blood donation. Receive our free newsletters delivered to your inbox, as well as breaking news alerts.

Thank You For The Blood

Sign up below Home News Local News. I appreciate your willingness to publish a candid response to such a controversial issue. I feel passionately about the stand I have taken and am grateful to you for allowing my voice to be heard.

Again, I thank you for having the courage to publish a response counter to popular opinion. The Doe Society would like to thank you for your generous help in locating volunteers to donate blood.

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Our need for donors has skyrocketed in recent months due to extensive help given to earthquake victims and an otherwise general shortage in the blood supply. To meet our ever increasing demand for blood donors, we must rely on radio stations like yours to reach the public.

Dear Blood Donors: Sharing a Message of Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Thanks for helping us get this drive off to such a good start. We at Doe's would like to thank you for your favorable review of our new restaurant. We have worked hard to make our new rooftop addition a fine dining experience, and your complimentary review has helped us gain many new patrons.

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As a token of our appreciation, we would like to present your staff with a complimentary lunch at Doe's.