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The Latin name of the Almone, Almo also the name of its corresponding deity , is derived from the Latin word almus , meaning "fertile" or "nourishing," which may derive from its connection to Cybele, also known as Magna Mater "Great Mother". In modern times the stream has been called Marrana della Caffarella.

Marrana or marana in Roman dialect is a term that derives from the name of the ancient ager maranus , the fields that surround the Via Appia , and refers to the drainage channels that flow through the countryside near Rome. The river has also been known as Acquataccio , a name with two possible derivations. It either refers to the nearby Appian Way, a corruption of Acqua d'Appia which became d'Accia , or the suffix -accio is to be taken in its pejorative sense , and it refers to the marshy waters of the Caffarella valley.


The Almone originates in the Alban Hills from springs fed by the water of Lake Albano , [nb 1] and runs through the Appian Way Regional Park , fed by the waters of the numerous springs present in the area, including the so-called Acqua Santa "Holy Water" of the Fonte Egeria. In the second century, the river was used to provide water for the luxurious gardens of the villa called Triopio of Herodes Atticus , [8] erected on land brought to him by his wife, Aspasia Annia Regilla , and centuries after Rome's fall it was employed for agricultural purposes: to irrigate fields, to water cattle, and to move millstones.

The Almone began to be used for industrial purposes in the early years of the twentieth century, when its waters were diverted to feed a paper mill on the Appian Way, but its decline accelerated in the s, when its final course into the Tiber was covered over to allow the construction of the Rome-Lido railway , and also to provide water to the former thermal power plant on the Via Ostiense.

Pollution of the stream has made it such that today, its waters are entirely channeled into the Magliana sewage treatment plant and no longer reach the Tiber at all. The Almone's importance in Roman times was linked to the annual festival of the lavatio ceremonial washing of the sacred stone of the Phrygian goddess Cybele , which was held on March The sacred black stone, which was identified with the goddess herself, was taken in procession from its temple on the Palatine Hill , through the Porta Capena , and down the Appian Way to the Almone. The choice of the Almone for this ceremony was inspired by events supposedly surrounding the arrival of the cult of Cybele to the city.

The ship was able to sail again only after a ritual of purification was completed. Based on the discovery of a small tuff basin in the Temple of Magna Mater on the Palatine , some have hypothesized that the ritual bathing of the black stone originally occurred there, and that its annual journey to the Almone was only begun during the reign of Augustus.


The lavatio was carried out until AD , when pagan rites were abolished in favor of Christianity. Hic iuvenis primam ante aciem stridente sagitta, natorum Tyrrhi fuerat qui maximus, Almo, sternitur; haesit enim sub gutture volnus et udae vocis iter tenuemque inclusit sanguine vitam.

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The stream lends its name to one of the heroes in Virgil 's Aeneid , the eldest son of Tyrrhus and one of the first casualties of the war between the Trojans and the Latins in Book VII. Cicero , in his treatise De Natura Deorum , names the Almo as one of the local rivers and streams invoked by the Roman augurs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Realizing their plan, Valmont makes a deal with Ginko in exchange for a light sentence. While watching a news report with Eva, Diabolik decides to steal the famous Aksand emerald necklace from Saint Just Castle for her birthday.

After learning of Eva's features from a prostitute who spotted her scouting the Castle, Valmont builds and circulates an identikit image of her. Diabolik scales the Castle's sheer walls as the police lie in wait, and steals the necklace. Driving on his getaway, he and Eva fool the police by pulling a mirrored film across the road and using dummy decoys of himself; Eva is injured while helping him to set up the traps.

While visiting her private doctor who has been blackmailed by Valmont , Eva is recognised from the identikit image and abducted. He is ejected from the plane, but manages to grab Valmont just before a bomb he had planted earlier explodes.

Manual DIABOLIK (8): Sepolto vivo! (Italian Edition)

Diabolik rescues Eva as Ginko and the police close in on them. Eva makes her escape, while Diabolik loads a gun magazine with the emeralds and fires then at Valmont, killing him. Diabolik takes a capsule and appears to have died while being taken to the hospital by the police.

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As the police hold a press conference about Diabolik's death, he is about to be autopsied when he returns to life. Diabolik reveals that he has faked his death using a technique taught to him by Tibetan lamas. Posing as a nurse, Eva wheels Diabolik past the police and the press. Later, a disguised Diabolik visits the morgue where Valmont's body has been cremated, collects the emeralds from his ashes and escapes, gifting them to Eva.

Upon Ginko's realization that Diabolik is still alive, a million-dollar reward is offered for his capture; in retaliation, Diabolik blows up the tax offices. Despite pleas from the disgraced Minister of the Interior — now the Minister of Finance — the citizens refuse to pay their taxes, forcing Clerville into debt. Twenty tons of gold , which will be used to buy currency, are melted into a single block to make it difficult to steal; the block is loaded onto a train commandeered by Ginko.

Diabolik and Eva divert the train by leaving a burning truck on the tracks and re-route it to a bridge where a bomb is placed. It explodes when the train arrives, and the gold falls into the water below. As Ginko swims ashore, Diabolik and Eva collect the gold and return to their hideout.

The steel casket containing the gold is traced by the police, allowing them to track Diabolik's hideout. They close in on Diabolik, who is melting the gold into smaller ingots. As the police fire upon him, Diabolik is unable to control the smelting, and the whole cavern ends up being covered in molten gold. Diabolik is believed to have been killed, with his heat-proof suit now covered in solidified gold.

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  6. The police seal off the cavern, intending to recover the gold later. As Ginko arrives to arrest her, Eva is allowed to pay her respects to Diabolik, who winks at her. Producer Tonino Cervi , head of the production company Italy Film, was the first person to propose a film adaptation of Angela and Luciana Giussani 's Diabolik , a pioneering example of the " fumetti neri " subgerne of Italian comics.

    I have to settle for something more modest, so I'm doing Diabolik. Italy Film acquired the adaptation rights from Astorina, the Giussanis' publishing house, for 20 million lire and proposed a distribution deal with Dino De Laurentiis. Film Produccion and Impala. De Laurentiis felt the only way to save the film was to restart production with a new script and director.


    Film Produccion confiscated the footage and took cameras, costumes, and weapons that had been rented by Italy Film, which nearly bankrupted the company. The script for Danger: Diabolik' s sister production, Barbarella , which was another comic book adaptation. John Philip Law was invited to audition for Diabolik as a favour by De Laurentiis after production on Barbarella , which Law had been cast in as Pygar, was postponed due to technical difficulties.

    Casting Eva Kant proved particularly troublesome. Law noted that the model was "gorgeous, but couldn't say 'Hello' on film", and was eventually fired a week into filming. She was very sweet, and a very good actress, but she was simply not right for the part.

    Under Pressure

    De Laurentiis wanted to make a family-friendly film with a charming thief, while Bava wanted to make a film that was faithful to the comic books. Diabolik finished filming on June 18, Diabolik' s release was highly anticipated in Italy, and this led to De Laurentiis threatening to sue producers of films whose titles were similar to his, such as Superargo Versus Diabolicus and Arriva Dorellik.

    Diabolik was submitted to the Italian Board of Censors in December and, after five brief cuts were made to the film, it was released in Italy on January 24, Two English-language dubs of Danger: Diabolik were produced, [18] both featuring the voices of Law, Mell and Terry-Thomas. Glenn Erickson considers the second English version to be "terrible" compared to the original, deeming Celi and Piccoli's performances in particular to be negatively affected by the inferior acting of their newer dubbers. Diabolik referring to the film as "infantile junk. In a issue of Film International , John Berra described the film's contemporary reception, noting that the film had initially "been left to languish in obscurity since its staggered international release at the end of the s" and that it "mostly existed as a kitsch reference point or as an easy target for tongue-in-cheek parody.

    Vogel calls the series' ending "a fairly satisfying conclusion" and says the movie is "entertaining enough Glenn Erickson discussed Danger: Diabolik twice on DVD Talk in and ; [25] [27] describing the film as a guilty pleasure , he praised Bava's stylized visuals, noting his use of bright colours, elaborate sets and wide lenses, "giving almost every shot a distorted depth that lends the film a consistent comic book dynamism".

    Club compared the film to Barbarella , opining that Diabolik had "a sense of infectious, amoral fun" which Barbarella lacks. They described the movie as "thin as a poster, but still amazing cinema — a succession of striking, kinetic, sexy, absurd images accompanied by a one-of-a-kind Ennio Morricone score that revels in its casual anarchy. The release of Barbarella and Danger: Diabolik led to a minor trend of film adaptations of comic strips that emphasized mild sadomasochism and late s fetish gear. Skip to content Free download.

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