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The table below shows how OIDs are split into different token types. Do not forget the prefix. The options for the token table are shown in the following table.

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For more information, see Structure of Management Information Version 2. The options for the CRUD operations table are shown in the following tables. Each value is associated with CRUD and list operations. Each of the options in this table can be divided into CRUD and list related operations. The suffix OID for such operations is as follows:.

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For example, since the OID for cumulative count is enterprises. OIDs that start with enterprises.

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Tokens of each type can be created, read, updated, deleted, and listed. Each of these types can be measured cumulatively. The CTS token OIDs defined in this section specify the total number of tokens of each type and their average current lifetimes. The options for token operations are shown in the following tables. Total and average current lifetimes are associated with each CTS token type. The CTS reaper deletes unused or expired tokens.

A single OID, enterprises. This OID:. Has the Float2dp data type. Such requests can either succeed or fail. The following OIDs provide measures for both such connections. Success or failure of these OIDs are not specific to any operation or token type. This executable. Configure a deployed OpenAM web application archive using the specified configuration file. Installation and upgrade configuration files are described in the sections below.

Auto-accept the software license agreement and suppress the display of the licence acceptance screen to the user. Base your configuration on the sampleconfiguration file delivered with OpenAM, and using the hints in this section, or the comments included in the file. Password of the OpenAM administrator user amadmin , which must be at least 8 characters in length and must match that of other servers in a multiserver deployment.

By default, it is set to the full URL that was used to access the configurator, such as example. Optional boolean property that can be set to always auto-accept the software license agreement and suppress the display of the license acceptance screen to the user.

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A value of true auto-accepts the license; any other value will be assumed to equal false , resulting in the presentation of the license. Default value is false. This property takes precedence over the --acceptLicense option, which can also be passed in to the application with the openam-configurator-tool Type of the configuration data store.

If you set this to dirServer , and the configuration store contains the configuration of other OpenAM servers, then the server is added to the existing multiserver installation. Fully qualified domain name of the configuration store directory server host, such as opendj. These properties pertain to the directory server where OpenAM stores user profiles. If you do not include these properties, or you leave these properties commented out, then OpenAM uses the same directory server as it uses for the configuration store. Otherwise, do not use.

Fully qualified domain name of the user data store directory server, such as opendj. These properties pertain when you configure multiple OpenAM servers in a site deployment, where a load balancer spreads request across multiple servers. It was incredibly painful.

It was incredibly traumatic. It was incredibly unjust. And that Trump Jr. And also, another thing that does not surprise me is the fact that, as Native people, we are from grand civilizations, and one of the marks of a civilization is that we are civil. And it just goes to show that Trump and his son and his cronies have a long ways to go to catch up to us, not the other way around.

And yet, when Elizabeth Warren tries to do a decent thing, when she tries to speak in a concerned manner to the population that is unsettled by some of her claims, it actually puts her in a worse situation. I would rather that the whole thing just stop. Move on. She understands the effects of policy on the most vulnerable citizens. So, who better to lead Kansas into the 21st century? Because Midwesterners and Middle Americans are finding themselves in the position that Native people have been in for centuries.

As the wealth gap grows, as inequality grows in this country, more and more Americans, of all hues, all cultures and all races, are finding themselves in the situation that Native American people have been in for a long time. Access to adequate and cheap healthcare is difficult.

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Access to capital and credit, those things are difficult. So, who better to help them than somebody who understands how that feels, like Sharice Davids? I wanted a different life, like a lot of teenagers, I suppose. My father is an Austrian Jewish Holocaust survivor who fled the Holocaust in , made it to the States in , through a series of life adventures. He had a family, three children, my half-brothers, and moved to northern Minnesota, where he taught high school on the reservation, on Leech Lake Reservation.

It was there that he met my mother. And then, after his first marriage ended, he and my mother were co-workers at a certain point and started dating and married. And along came my brother and I and my younger brother and sister. And my father talked about being a refugee and fleeing Germany, or fleeing Austria, then Germany, fleeing Europe and losing everything—his land, his language, his culture, his family—everything.

And moving to the reservation, he said, he finally felt understood. And he felt at home. And he felt like it was a place he could dedicate his life to and dedicate his life to helping Native people. And so they made their lives there. She is fierce.


And she grew up in pretty rough circumstances, really, really abject poverty. It was a difficult childhood for her, on the—.

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  4. It sort of sits at the top of the country, and everything spreads out from there. The Mississippi flows through my reservation, small enough that you can walk across it, where I grew up. And she graduated from high school against all odds. She went to nursing school, which was an unheard-of accomplishment in those days. And she became the first American Indian woman judge in the country.

    I kind of—and I talk about this in the book—I kind of bought the story about Indian life and about my reservation in particular, that this was a place where nothing happened, we were a people who had a great future behind us, and it was where good ideas went to die. I could only see, because I was trained to only see, the bad things.

    And I wanted to get out. And I got out. And as soon as I left, I missed it, and I began to be able to see everything else that I had been encouraged not to see: the creativity and strength and importance of my tribe. And I missed it. I missed my tribe. I missed my community. I missed my reservation. I missed my family. And I vowed that I would find my way back, and I would dedicate myself to trying to make life better, as my father had and as my mother had.

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    Why did you choose that title? It was published in And in it, he kind of captures the prevailing sentiment about Native people, which is the one I already mentioned, that as amazing as we might have once been, we are no more. And when I read that when I was in college, I felt contradictory things. And if we were alive, it was only as sufferers. And if Native communities still existed, it was only in a state of perpetual suffering and pain.