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It shall be prohibited to lease or charter Member States' flagged vessels or aircraft or to provide crew servic es to the DPRK, any persons or entiti es listed in Annex I, II or III, any other DPRK entities, any other persons or entities wh om the Mem ber State determines to have a ssisted in the evasion of sanctions or in the violation of the provisions of UNSCR , , , or or of this Decision, any persons or entities acting on behalf or at the direction of any of the aforementioned In legislation adopted on 28 February and 2 March , the Council banned the supply to Libya of arms, ammunition and related material, prohibited trade with Libya in equipment whic h might be used for internal repressio n and impo sed a visa ban and an assets freeze on 26 individuals, including Muammar Qadhafi, members of his family and close associates.

Well, he is banned as well ; he is nu mber 83 on the banne d list.

La Rochelle interdit le tabac sur 2 plages, Royan confirme l'interdiction sur 1 plage

These are matters with direct impact on the lives of European and US citizens and businesses: the tourist who wants to know whether she will need a visa for her holiday travel and why her new passport looks different and costs a little more; the shipping company seeking to implement complex and challenging container security measures; the airline faced with new requirement s to scree n passenge rs against no-fly li sts.

PT: provision through professional association only. IE: provision through partnership only. IT: for access as "Ragionieri — Periti commerciali" and "Dottori commerciali", access is re stricted t o natural persons only.

It will do so by expanding the visa ban list to include serving members of the military rank of Brigadier-General and above and the members of their families, and by a prohibition on making financial loans or credits available to, and acquiring or extend participation in listed Burmese st ate-owned enterprises. In SE and LT, the residence permit may be withdra wn if the person concerned is on the list of persons ba nned from entering those cou ntries.

Interdit traduction interdit définition interdit dictionnaire

Jim Abbott Kootenay East : Mr. Speaker, the second petition reads whereas societal approval including extension of societa l privileg es would b e given to same sex relationships if any amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act were to include the undefined phrase sexual orientation as a grounds of discrimination, therefore your petitioners pray and request that Parliament not amend the human rights code, the Canadian Human Rights Act, or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in any way which would tend to indicate societal approval of same sex relationships or homosexuality, including amending the human rights code to include in the pro In the case of a sentence like this: 'Il n'y a pas une interdiction sur eux.

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Sur is not used together with interdiction except for the standard place indication as in l'interdiction de jouer au ballon sur la plage. As you can notice here as well, de can be used to specify the action which is forbidden. But there's no way you can complement interdiction with a concrete 1 object directly.

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You should rephrase as mentioned above. Otherwise, in other contexts, sur eux is the appropriate way to combine sur and the third person plural pronoun, for both persons and other objects. For example: Il n'y a pas d'ombre sur eux.

It's possible for some abstract nouns, e. As alreay stated " sur eux " can't be used here but should you want to keep a similar structure, you might say:.

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Interdit d'interdire - Vers une «giletjaunisation» du monde ?

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