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Aimed at the adult learner, Perspectives National Geographic uses real-life stories and TED talks to motivate learners to think critically and creatively. Teachers and learners discover how writers and speakers use grammar to express themselves in real life. Many refused to consider how the concept of English as an international language might fit into course materials and language teaching. Today, we see resource materials like PronPack Mark Hancock taking a non-prescriptive approach to accent and instead focusing on increased intelligibility as the objective. In global communities where English is a common language of communication alongside other languages, knowledge of other languages is an asset.

This requires complex social and cognitive skills.

Curriculum Development in Language Teaching : Jack C. Richards :

In contrast, strict English-only classrooms are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Such linguistic diversity is celebrated in courses like the Family Skills Toolkit Learning Unlimited Ltd that encourages parents and carers of children learning English to see their bilingualism as a benefit. The more we understand individual learners' needs, the more we can tailor our lessons to suit them.

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  2. The Happiness Handbook: Seven Steps to Inner Peace.
  3. Fanny Hill (Momentum Classic Erotica).
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Silva Education Ltd caters to Brazilian learners from low-income families. Websites like Canva allow teachers and learners to express their creativity through posters, social media memes and banners.

Using content-creation tools like these allow learners to use language creatively, and turn language practice into a fun and engaging activity. Learning management platforms LMSs like Edmodo are increasingly popular.

Second Edition

They give learners an online way to find handouts, continue classroom discussions and submit homework. Now, online platforms are also used to communicate with parents and other stakeholders, give teachers and administrators a better overview of the curriculum, and help manage lesson plans and materials. The Royal ABC Prosper Education Pte Ltd curriculum for four-to-six year olds comes with a teacher platform that allows teachers to manage lesson planning, complete administration, schedule homework and report to parents.

This gives teachers more time to work with children in the classroom. These tools may appeal because they seem shiny and new. But the true value of innovations lies in how much they can help learners to become better communicators in English.

The Importance of Materials Development for Language Learning

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Richards ebook. Subjects Language Arts Nonfiction. Language Arts Nonfiction. Synopsis About this title This text provides a systematic introduction to the issues involved in planning, developing, and managing effective language programs. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title.

Curriculum Development in Language Teaching Cambridge Language Education

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The Importance of Materials Development for Language Learning

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