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Biobased Plastics presents an uptodate overview of the basic and applied aspects of bioplastics, focusing primarily on thermoplastic polymers for material use. Emphasizing materials currently in use or with significant potential for future applications, this book looks at the most important biopolymer classes such as polysaccharides, lignin, proteins and polyhydroxyalkanoates as raw materials for biobased plastics, as well as materials derived from biobased monomers like lipids, poly lactic acid , polyesters, polyamides and polyolefines.

Detailed consideration is also given to the market and availability of renewable raw materials, the importance of biobased content and the aspect of biodegradability. It will also prove useful for advanced students interested in the development of biobased products and materials, green and sustainable chemistry, polymer chemistry and materials science.

For more information on the Wiley Series in Renewable Resources, visit www.

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Garcia 2. Dimethyl sulfoxide DMSO, Jeonju, Korea. ISB 3. Then, 0. To remove residual additives, the solid was filtered and re-precipitated after dissolving in DMAc.

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The precipitated polymer was filtered off and washed with DI water and methanol. The final polymer product 6. The final polymer product 7. Tetramethylsilane TMS was used as an internal standard and as a reference for chemical shift. Universal calibration was based on polystyrene standards. Transmittance experiments of the films were performed on a UV Shimadzu Corp. The contact angle was measured using a contact angle analyser Phoenix , Surface Electro Optics, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The volume of the sessile water drop was controlled at 0.

The contact angle results were the average values calculated for five drops at different places on the samples. T g was determined at the second heating cycle. The polymer films for tensile properties were prepared on a glass petri dish by the solvent casting method. The test specimens were cut into a dog-bone shape, which has a length, width, and thickness of Each tensile property values represents the mean and standard error.

The tear tests were conducted by two methods: 1 a standard tear strength measurement Fig. The tear resistance test under applied load weights was performed as follows.

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One side of the film was fixed with a grab of a standing clip and the other side was gravitationally pulled down by loading g-weights one-by-one until the film was completely torn. An impact strength test was performed as follows. All impact test samples were V-shape notched. The test specimen was supported as a vertical cantilever beam and broken by a single swing of a pendulum.

The velocity of the hammer was 3. The AgNW solution with a concentration of 0. Then, the surface electrical resistance of the film was measured at the different temperature stages. To characterize the electrical resistance changes under mechanical bending, AgNW-coated films are held onto the microscope slide glasses and compressed by the uniaxial stretching stage.

The bending radius and strain are characterized in geometrical aspects based on measured dimensions with callipers Supplementary Fig. In order to define the pixel area, a thin and rectangular-shaped PDMS film was attached onto the glass petri dish.

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Lastly, 1. The in vitro cytotoxicity test was performed based on international standard ISO The culture media extract was filtered by a syringe filter. After the surgery, the rats were bred in their cages for 12 weeks. Then, the rats were sacrificed for histological analyses. Then, the cross-sections of the tissues were examined and semi-quantitatively evaluated according to International Standard ISO , Annex A criteria for biological evaluation of the local effects of medical devices after implantation by a pathologist.

The local effects were evaluated by comparison of the tissue response caused by the experimental samples and the negative control. The scoring system is the histological evaluation of the extent of the area affected. The presence, number, and distribution of polymorphonuclear cells, lymphocytes, plasma cells, macrophages, giant cells, and necrosis were evaluated.

The tissue changes by neovascularization, fatty infiltration, and fibrosis were evaluated. We provide the source data underlying Fig. Nguyen, H. The quest for high glass transition temperature bioplastics. A 6 , — Hwang, S. Williams, P.

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Valorization of printed circuit boards from waste electrical and electronic equipment by pyrolysis. Waste Biomass. Hall, W. Separation and recovery of materials from scrap printed circuit boards.

Kim, J. En masse pyrolysis of flexible printed circuit board wastes quantitatively yielding environmental resources. Zou, Z. Rehealable, fully recyclable, and malleable electronic skin enabled by dynamic covalent thermoset nanocomposite. Platt, D.

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Engineering and high performance plastics market report: a Rapra market report. Gauthier, M. Tremblay, J. A new engineering plastic from china. News 88 , 28—30 Maekawa, M.

go to site Mechanical properties of orthodontic wires made of super engineering plastic. Labadie, J. Step-growth polymers for high-performance materials. ACS Symp. Chung, I. Meta-activated nucleophilic aromatic substitution reaction: poly biphenylene oxide s with trifluoromethyl pendent groups via nitro displacement.

Biomacromolecules 8 , — Zimmerman, J. Toward substitution with no regrets. Science , — Jedeon, K. Enamel defects reflect perinatal exposure to bisphenol A. Zhu, Y.